Trade Booth Failures: How To Fix This Situation For The Better

If you have attended "x" number of trade shows in the last year or two, and had only a very few people stop at your booth, you may be wondering what is wrong. Sometimes trade booth failures are not obvious to those sitting behind them. It is okay; not everyone can be a crackerjack trade booth designer, and that is evidenced by several other booths you see at the trade shows. However, you do not have to keep going to trade shows and gaining few new customers/clients. Here is how to fix your situation, and your booth, for the better.

Consult with a Design Agency

Graphic artists by the score work for design agencies. They spend their days creating everything from logos and banners to (surprise!) trade booths. The artists you work with at the design agency will look at the booth you have, then do some computerized mock-ups of how you can change your booth and make it look incredible. Additionally, you can pick and choose features you like, and the artists will attempt to incorporate the features into an aesthetically pleasing booth that will definitely get attention and draw in trade show visitors.

Do Not Be Afraid of Color

If you have a company logo, consider using the colors from the company logo as part of the booth face lift. If your logo is still in the black-and-white stage, you may want to update the logo with a little color, and then incorporate the colors into the booth. Luckily, graphic artists can do both simultaneously. It could be just what you need not only to get noticed, but it also helps trade show visitors remember you better. (Think about it; would you remember a logo and booth that was black and white, or would you remember a bright color palette?) 

Step out of Your Comfort Zone with Technology

Crowds are drawn to technology and entertainment. The human brain has learned in the last seventy years to zero in on a box with moving, talking pictures. That said, featuring entertaining advertising gets trade show visitors curious about what you are selling. If nothing else, it gets them to stand still just long enough to hear your sales pitch. Then you might be able to drum up business because most people do not want to be rude and walk away from you while you are talking about a product to them.

Contact a company, like Arc and Co., for more help.